Automated Inventory Synchronization

Keep your inventory up to date
and process multiple points of
sale orders automatically.

Automate your Workflow

Why use a server app?

This software will save your company hours every month by making sure that every stock change in your inventory is reflected on all of your points of sale. Furthermore, the whole orders flow has been integrated so that most of your orders get through all the way to the invoice without any human intervention. All you need to do is to put the items in a box and ship them!

How often does this synchronization happen?

Currently, updates occur every five minutes. Premium fees are added for more frequent updates.

I have a huge amount of orders from my numerous stores, can you handle it?

Sure! We have built our technology on top of Amazon Web Services known for its power, its reliability and its top-tier security. Our service is setup in a way that is scalable to any amount of traffic.

Synchronize your Inventory

Can I choose which items are synced?

Yes, a custom field is added to items in your inventory software to specify if an item should be sold on other points of sale or not. You can change that in your inventory software at any moment.

How does the system figure out which items is which?

The system uses item id to match the items in different inventory and point of sale softwares.

What if I forget to configure an item?

Our system will send you an email alert if an item that you have asked to sync is not setup correctly so that you can fix it quickly.

Processing your Orders

How do I know my orders are ready?

We will send you an email with links to the shipping labels and invoice the moment they are ready. And what if there is a problem (missing stock, misshapen address, etc.)? We will send you an email explaining the situation so that steps can be taken to fix it.

How can you know what boxes to use for shipping?

We have come up with an easy solution: you qualify each item with a volume number. When the order comes in, the system adds the volume of all the items and figures out which box or boxes to use from a pre-approved list of boxes.


Live updates

  1. Keep your inventory synchronized in all your points of sale at all times.
  2. Commit the items sold in your system as soon as they are confirmed so that your stock is always up to date.
  3. Ensure that orders are processed in a timely fashion, 24/7.
  4. Prevent data entry errors in orders.

Get in contact

If you would like to get further information or have any technical questions on this solution, please contact our Product Manager Nick at

Supported Software

Supported point of sale software

  • Springboard Retail

Supported web retail platforms

  • Farfetch
  • Revcascade

What if my software is not supported?

Our team is always looking forward to supporting more software and retail platforms. Please contact our Product Manager Nick at to see how we can help you.